K A T E  P A R K  ( 박 현 민 ) is a textile artist/ designer/ enthusiast. She was born and raised in South Korea. 

She has received her BFA in Textiles at Rhode Island School of Design in 2018 and is currently working as a designer in New York City. 


She likes hoarding yarns which is not so smart living in a tiny apartment in NYC. On breezy days, she likes weaving and knitting with her window opened because she loves textiles but is allergic to dust. 


She is interested in translating abstract ideas into visual reality. Her personal work particularly explores coexisting of dual identity and its relational dynamic. By manipulating each row of yarn, she creates textile pieces that stand as spatial sculpture. Weaving every row acts like writing each line of poetry to the artist.  

Recently, she has been working hard to merge aesthetic and function for innovation. She strives to push the boundaries of textile technology and explore the new generation of technical textile.

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