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Hold ~ Float ~ Hold

Jacquard (Industrial loom) woven


40" x 72" x 5"

.  .  .

Float for I will be held

Let go because I trust 

.  .  .

Just like how flying trapeze performers hold, let go to fly and successfully hold again, the jacquard is programmed for certain yarns to be held, float and be held again. In order to create a piece that has two woven panels connected by floating yarns, the jacquard was engineered to weave pockets with yarns trapped inside so that it will be held in the woven structure, but also could easily be freed by cutting out the pockets. 

1 wip.jpg
5 wip.jpg
3 wip.jpg
4 wip.jpg

( Process )




Jacquard off the loom

Front view

Back view

woven fully.jpg

before cut

Cutting process

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