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Jacquard (Industrial loom) Woven
Wool, Cotton, Viscose
.  .  .
In Seoul, South Korea, innumerable tall buildings are covering the sky in the city. In the middle of the bustling modern city, historic palaces with rich traditions can be found. When one looks into the historical traditions that are hidden but are surely coexisting with modern city and culture, it is hard not to be amazed. The double layered jacquard reflects the transition and coexistence of the past and present in Seoul. Moreover, it is also mirroring the coexistence of my own dual identity.
.  .  . 
The jacquard is programmed to be woven in 2 separate layers -- the front depicting the high rise building and the back depicting the historic palaces. Engineering the parts that will bind and the part that will separate the 2 layers, the front layer of the jacquard was cut and opened in flaps after it was off the loom. As a result, the hidden pattern in the back layer is revealed partially but not fully. 
on a fake wall TAN FLOOR.jpg
all together WEB.jpg
( Process )
Initial Paintings
Paper Mock-ups
Repeat Design
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